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Novermber 7, 2018 – Welcome to the Angel Archtops webite, the site dedicated to the the legacy of luthiers John D’angelico and James D’Acquisto. We’re pleased to announce that the 3rd edition of Acquired of the Angels is now available.

DHR & Articulate Publishing are publishing the much-anticipated 3rd edition from author Paul Schmidt – the first new edition in 20 years. highlights of the new edition include:
Hardcover 9 1/2″x13″, 120-page “coffee table” size, presenting the instruments in the full size format they deserve

Over 150 new photographs – many if high-def color
New sections covering the impact of the makers, exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The National Music Museum Full and updated ledgers

To buy, go the the “ORDER” tab on this site.

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