Paul Schmidt's iconic and now classic book on these makers; reviewed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art as "ground breaking scholarship"


About the Book

Model: 1957 D'Angelico New Yorker
Photos/Images courtesy of Rudy's Music NYC

For nearly three decades Acquired of the Angels has been an iconic
book – the most comprehensive and highly regarded  document on
the two most masterful guitar makers of the 20th century. In this expanded
third edition, enhancements  include over 150 new photos, narratives by the
 world’s top makers, musicians, and museums, and an overall design that keeps
the eye moving, the intellect flowing, and the heartbeat’s increase.
For those familiar with the book and story, this edition is a celebration.
For the uninitiated, this is a revelatory introduction  to a world characterized
by artistry of the highest order, intuition, inspiration, perseverance, and great beauty.
The book will invite the reader to the instruments. The instruments will change the
reader’s life.  Turn the page. Start the journey. Ready yourself for transformation.

About The Author

Model: D'Aquisto Solo
Photos/Images courtesy of Michael Schneider/Schneider Photographic

Paul Schmidt is an artist, teacher, author, and scholar.  He holds advanced
degrees in both music, and theology, and has been awarded grants from the
National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Selmer Corporation (among

He's written books America's musical instrument histories, which
include D'Angelico and D'Aquisto guitars ("Acquired of the Angels",
Scarecrow Press, 1st edition 1991, 2nd edition 1998); the Ludwig Drum
Company ("The History of the Ludwig Drum Company", Centerstream Publishing,
1991 - the first book ever written devoted exclusively to America's
contributions to percussion instrument history); Pioneering luthier Steve
Klein ("Art That Sings, Doctorow Communications, 2004), among others,
including a novel ("Continuing Ed, Write-E-O press, 2016) and a children's
book of fables ("Fables", Write-E-O Press, 2016). 

His work with various
individual instrument makers internationally has created new acoustic and
electric guitar and drum designs (ie. The Nouveau Series Guitars with
Michael Spalt, 2009).  He has released five albums of his original music,
and continues to teach and create at his Art of Music studio, currently in
the East Bay of San Francisco.